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January 20, 2011

Week 3

Foresee that I probably won't be updating for the rest of this week, so here goes...

20.01.11 Thursday
Decided to pamper ourselves with Golden Pillow delivery for lunch. Ordered 1 X Curry Mutton Bun; 1 X Ginseng Salted Chicken; 1 X Fried Bee Hoon to share among three of us. Quite big portions but we still 杀到完. *Victory*

Otherwise it's another humdrum day at work with lots of drilling next door. Not like.

The Curry Mutton Bun + Fried Bee Hoon + Ginseng Salted Chicken (which comes with the entire claypot, which I have already *chope*)

19.01.11 Wednesday
Nua-ish day off. Did the laundry early in the morning, cleared some old letters + bills + rubbish from the bedroom and washed up Custard's corner (her pee-pan, bed, basket, towel and vicinity of her cage). Bushed. Went to nap after playing game.

Poppy's call woke me up and I couldn't sleep anymore so watched Coraline on DVD while snacking on Ruffles and Minced Lattice Pies from M&S (Marks & Spencer's). As I'm speaking, I suddenly crave M&S Honey Roast Wiltshire Ham Crisps. Aargh.

Poppy came home shortly after, fiddled with his fish tanks again before we headed off for din-din. Custard's not her usual self these couple of days. She just had a case of diarrhea + vomit again and refuses to eat. Apart from her usual kibbles, we tried to give her boiled chicken (which she usually loves). No-go. Even tried to hand feed her, but she just doesn't budge. Sigh. Booked her in for a vet visit on Friday morning, and bought her 2 cans of tuna on our way to dinner.

Stopped by my fave bakery to grab some pastries and cake to cheer ourselves up - Poppy got a large buttercream swiss roll, while I got the butterfly cake and a cream horn, then headed home to feed Custard. She did eventually take a few licks of the tuna, but that was it.

Finally on leave tomorrow!

Vet Visit (Poppy and I bringing Custard together, for the first time, usually I go alone dragging the hundred-tonne carrier with my bone-skinny arms and walking all the way to Sunset under the hot sun from home); Spa Visit; Ngoh Hiang-making; MORE packing; Manicure + Pedicure; Ang Bao-packing; Receiving my Forever 21 + Old Navy parcels; More Laundry; Receiving our new LED TV; and yet... MORE (UN)PACKING!

Plus going to Tristan's wedding on 23rd with the guys from TSPL.
Wow, I'm excited already.

Back to work for 4 days on 28th Jan. Then 6 days off from work from 2nd Feb, back to work again, and on leave again for the 3 weekends that follow. Talk about clearing leave!

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